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Committed to Excellence

Brylye Collins, Founder of Rose Talent Consulting, is recognized as a top Talent Acquisition Partner in the Recruiting Industry.  Prior to her successful professional recruitment career, she honed her skills in management for 15 years. Brylye has brought positive outcomes to her clients by maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships, and always striving for significant outcomes.  Brylye's experience interviewing thousands of people throughout her career has helped her understand the importance of having a career that brings people joy and happiness. She is passionate about helping others find their authentic purpose on their career journey.   She is a Certified Diversity & Inclusion Recruiter, Certified Technical Recruiter, and a Certified Career Coach.
Brylye is on the Board of Directors for Community Action Partnership Strafford County, Ambassador for the Great Rochester Chamber of Commerce, and on the Business Program Advisory Committee for Spaulding High Roger Creatu Career Technical Center
Previously has volunteered as an Ambassador for the Dover Chamber of Commerce. While at the Dover Chamber, she participated in the Cocheco Arts Festival committee



Learning & Development Consultant

Christine has an MBA in Human Resource Management and over 20 years of management experience. Christine has diverse leadership background in operations, organizational effectiveness, learning systems & design, and human resources. She works collaboratively with her clients to create solutions to their business challenges. Christine is passionate about learning and development and providing managers with the tools they need to become successful leaders.


Avery Joensuu

Data Consultant

Avery is a  soon-to-be graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing from the University of New Hampshire. Avery brings a fresh and enthusiastic approach to the intersection of data analysis, sales methodologies, and marketing fundamentals. Her academic journey has been marked by a deep dive into data-driven decision-making, complemented by specialized certifications and hands-on experiences. She is passionate about harnessing the power of data to drive business success and create impactful marketing strategies.

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