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From ghost jobs to Gen AI: The outlook for June

As we ease into summer, how’s your career outlook? 

Whether you’re actively looking for a new role or just browsing at the moment, here are few things I’d like to share with you. On my mind right now, the plague of ghost jobs being advertised, how you can actually use Gen AI to help you find a job, and no, you are not crazy — it is actually getting harder to find one.

How to Avoid Ghost Jobs

It’s the age-old complaint of job seekers: an opening that sounds amazing, but turns out to not actually exist.

Here are some of the ways to spot a “ghost job” posting:

  • The posting has been active for a while (more than 30 days)

  • There’s nothing on the company’s website or social media page about the open job

  • The compensation and perks seem really inflated for the role

In the province of Ontario, Canada, legislators are trying to push through a law that will force companies to disclose, in job ads, whether the job is for now or sometime in the nebulous future — in other words, whether the job is real. But if you don’t live in Ontario, this doesn’t help you much.

What will help? Working with a recruiter like those of us at Rose Talent Consulting. We know what jobs actually exist and can connect you with the right people.

How to Use Gen AI in Your Job Search

Gen AI gets so much press, but for people just trying to keep up in their day to day, finding the time to learn a new technology is farfetched. And for a lot of people, there is a lack of understanding of WHY they should bother in the first place.

In the talent market, there are some obvious uses for AI:

  • Creating a first draft of a cover letter

  • Drafting a job description

  • Customizing an existing resume to use certain keywords

Note that AI can’t necessarily do these things FOR you, but it can work with you to speed up a process or get you over a moment of writer’s block.

Recommended Reading

You’re Not Crazy. It’s Getting Harder to Find a New Job

Job data says there are plenty of jobs out there, but I talk to job seekers every day who come to me feeling utterly frustrated with trying to land a new role. Why the discrepancy? 

There are certainly plenty of jobs listed as open, but for those aggressively pursuing new employment, it can be frustrating how few of those jobs actually seem to exist when explored. Ghost jobs are just one problem. There’s also long drawn out interview processes and inexplicable gaps in communication. It can be incredibly frustrating to be a talented, experienced professional.

Working with a recruiter is one way to streamline the experience of looking for a new job. I can quickly hyper-target to match you up with open roles and hiring managers.

Call me today if you want to get started. 

Brylye Collins

Rose Talent Consulting

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