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Is your job starting to feel like Groundhog Day?

Your daily office routine may seem like Groundhog Day. You keep having the same conversations, handling the same issues, and even making the same mistakes. As a recruiter at Rose Talent Consulting, I talk to job seekers every day who are bored to death with their old jobs.

But, like Bill Murray in the seminal 1993 movie, there’s a way out. His screen character, Phil Connors, eventually conquers being stuck in a time loop by shifting his attitude and finding gratitude for the people around him. In fact, he decides to use his déjà vu smartly and becomes a do-gooder, taking advantage of the fact that he knows what’s going to happen in order to help the people of Punxsutawney. 

In your case, you also have a way out. When it’s time to move in, I am here to help you find an exciting new role so you don’t have to relive the same subpar experience over and over and over again.

In the meantime, here are a few things to think about this month.

What’s Trending in Hiring in 2024

Knowing what’s on the minds of recruiters and hiring managers gives you an advantage in your job search. Right now, three of the biggest trends I’m seeing in the recruiting sphere include:

Skills-based hiring is becoming more important than hiring for experience and education.

Holistic health and well-being is now a major, mainstream focus of employee investment.

While benefits and perks have long been used to lure talent, they are getting more personalized. New hires at progressive companies can now choose their perks in an a la carte fashion.

Knowing these trends can help you best position yourself for a new role.

Recommended Reading

Elevating Your Personal Brand

Whether or not you’re actively searching for a new job, chances are you’re highly aware of the pressing need to have a good “personal brand” in professional circles. 

You have to come across as authentic and transparent but also mature, experienced and skillful.

You have to be willing to network and interface with your peers — without ever seeming desperate.

You need your expertise to shine but still seem humble and approachable.

It’s a lot of competing priorities. Working with a recruiter like those of us at Rose Talent Consulting is one great way to extend the reach of your personal brand and get feedback on how you come across.

If you’d like to actively pursue a new job search, reach out today.

Brylye Collins

Rose Talent Consulting 

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